ENGLISH ASATRO OPERATIONAL EXPANSION: After several Academic long essays and dissertations totalling over 26,000 words, lead writer and English Asatro leader Dan Rayner was for several months inevitably unavailable to routinely write articles, this final academic effort was completed on August the 31st, completing his B.A in Politics and Philosophy at the 6th best University for Political Research in the world (the best in all of Europe). Followed by a short post-graduation holiday or more accurately: self-refinement and political/philosophical motivational consolidation and planning English Asatro operations whilst on holiday. Whilst secretly working on a book. The professional grade documentary and magazine are nearly re-complete. The Documentary has been filmed at sites of Asatru significance. Alongside articulate to-camera presenting sections of the film that efficiently explain and articulate Asatru are being re-recorded for the final documentary (damned delays I know).

The 1st Asatru documentary production has been upredictable, to make it a worthwhile documentary I openly and publically extended my predicted completion date as a necessary measure in order to ensure that the quality is high enough so that this gift of mine to all my fellow Asatru folk past, present and future is worthy enough to be informative and inspirational to a sufficient magnitude to be able to motivate our Germanic folk to begin reclaiming our nation, rather than just being any old documentary, this documentary must be truly worthy of Asatru in its cinematic quality.

FOR MY FELLOW ASATRU FOLK I OWE THIS DOCUMENTARY AND PUBLICATION: The translations for the entire documentary and magazine and thus overall progress was hugely delayed due to my German translator and friend having been plausibly threatened for his work by subversive State/Jewish elements: I subsequently lost all contact with him and all the work he was in possession of. The English Asatru documentary and final layout of the magazine was back up to 90% completion as of the 28th of November. I then scrapped most of the video footage and re-designed and upgraded the magazine layout, and fundamentals like the cover material (it shall be forged from more than just paper ;) ), buying my own printing and laminating and heavy duty cutting, folding and printing equipment, establishing everything I need to operate English Asatru as an organisation without relying on anyone else. It is my uncompromising aim to try to make it the best Asatru publication in modern history, thus according to my uncompromisingly and some say unrealistic high standards I have taken time to forge a pierce of greater work, I want this documentary and magazine to be perfect and my own standards demand that I make delays, in order to not only make it a worthy documentary and magazine on the subject of Asatru but one that is capable of motivating our folk into an ethos capable of reclaiming our nation, for the next decades ahead of us, for there is no worth in anything less!

No amount of disruption or demoralisation attempts will prevent the inevitable release of this landmark Asatru documentary and publication that will articulately and convincingly promote Asatru to a level of positive public prominence and momentum never before seen. After Yuletide, which lasts into January in Anglo-Saxon callendars, when Winter turns to Spring is when this documentary and magazine is destined to be released, no prior arbitrary deadlines, no even secondary deadlines could come close to predicting its completion, not surprisingly, for artifical deadlines cannot predict nature, not even the weather, but there is no better time for such an important effort to be completed by, when the year turns to the next, when Winter starts to turn to Spring and folk reflect upon the past year and the future ahead, that is when Asatru should truly and effectively be in the minds of my fellow Germanic folk, Asatru-informed and awakening-to-Asatru Germanic individuals alike.

Asatru is our Germanic philosophy of loyalty to our folk, hope, folkish-purity, folkish elegance and ancestral wisdom that shall reclaim its rightful place in our Germanic national future.

Published: 24th Night of Ærra Līþa 2265.RE / 24th Night of June 2015

Lars Alfgrim's sixth article: The Teutonic tribes of Europe originally lived by their indigenous law, racial spirit and morality of such elegance, intelligence and purity since time immemorial. However, Semitic Christian and Roman laws were subversively introduced in Teutonic lands soon after their almost always extremely violent, forced spiritual defilement and downgrade from historic Asatru to artifical Semitic constituted Christianity. We Asatruar in this era shall courageously avenge and correct this violation.


English Asatro News


Published: 3rd Night of Ærra Līþa 2265.RE / 3rd Night of June 2015

1st article of Ærra Līþa/Midsumor-mōnaþ on ensuring the purity and direction of Asatru in defiance of recent subversive efforts.

There is no naturally occurring debate over the nature of Asatru, for it is clearly encoded in our Germanic ancestral lore, even the widest interpretations should all naturally converge, it is only when subversives attempt to "interpret" or define Asatru as similar to other religions, conflating it with Old Indian terminology for example, that is the first step towards promoting subversive universalism.



Published: 11th Night of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2265.RE / 11th Night of May 2015

Lars Alfgrim's fifth article: It is a crude Christian and Jewish Liberal propogated misconception/slander that the religion of our ancestors is primitive. Christians have deliberately and routinely labelled our ancestral religion as primitive in a desperate effort to suppress a revival of our ancestral identity and spirituality. That is how much they hate our ethnic spirit itself.

They have failed and Asatro is rising, the spirituality of our Germanic folk.



Published: 6th Night of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2265.RE / 6th Night of May 2015

Lars Alfgrim's fourth article: I find it somewhat ironic and hypocritical that the Ten Commandments which are the proclaimed epitome of Christian morality come from Deuteronomy. This Deuteronomy from which the allegedly superior and uniquely 'moral' Ten Commandments come is the same malicious document which condones and promotes horrific genocide and virulent anti-Gentilism. What is more ludicrous thus is that Europeans and millions of non-white gentiles perceive it as a source of "moral authority" when it is the diametric, Semitic opposite of moral authority.



Published: 3rd Night of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2265.RE / 3rd Night of May 2015

England is the land imbued with the blood of our English or Germanic folk, be that in the soils of Sjælland to New Zealand, from Lowland Scotland, 95% of Wales & Northern Ireland to Texas, the Falklands and countless Island territories, from Pretoria and Cape town to Australia and Grønland. What we define as our land is important, that which we Englænder related folk have settled, but it is not the land or soil itself which is of the most importance but our people ourselves.



Published: 2nd Night of Ēostre-mōnaþ 2265.RE / 2nd Night of April 2015

(Month of the Goddess Ēostre)

Lars Alfgrim's second article: As an etymology enthusiast, it fascinates me that Asatruar frequently use the old word "folk." It is still very commonly used in the racial-group sense in Dutch ("volk"), Frisian ("folk"), and almost all of the other Germanic languages. I applaud the effort on the part of Asatruar to revive an old sense of that word in English, while I would like to propose to revive a few old entirely forgotten words along with their original meanings.



Published: 24th Night of Hrēþ-mōnaþ 2265.RE / 24th Night of March 2015

Lars Alfgrim's first article: My problem with a multitude of ideological or racial sites and movements is that they are not profound enough. They are always hindering themselves in one or another way, and this has been tremendously frustrating to me as an observer, seeing the dragging failures of various alternative outlets and ideologies. However, I was delighted to see English Asatro, run by volunteer writers organised freely by Dan Rayner, a practically unknown individual with pure potential.


Published: 18th Night of Hrēþ-mōnaþ 2265.RE / 18th Night of March 2015

Folkish Asatro versus Universalist Subversion: The Purity and Direction of Asatro. Those who seek to impose upon Asatro debates and controversies against Asatro's intrinsically Folkish nature are simply the enemies of Asatro itself, that is to say they are the political and spiritual unity enemies of the spirituality and way of life of every true Germanic Northern European person the world over.